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Advanced Training Advanced Training top quality coaching to deliver personal riding objectives

SkilledBiker delivers the highest level of 1:1 and bespoke advanced motorcycle training.

Popular for those wanting to improve their year-round riding ability is the SkilledBiker Winter Skills course whilst the 1/2 day sessions are ideal for those short on time and wanting to dive straight in with fine tuning a particular aspect of their riding style.

One-to-one coaching | Winter riding

Half-Day Sessions

SkilledBiker Bespoke

SkilledBiker Bespoke 1:1 single session
1-day | £249

SkilledBiker Bespoke one-to-one advanced motorcycle training sessions begin before a wheel is turned on the road.

Riders will be invited to an online video call to discuss personal aims and objectives and to identify the habits or issues you feel are preventing you from increasing your skill level.

With our team consisting of coaches who examine for the major advanced rider awarding bodies (IAM, RoSPA, BMF) these sessions are also ideal for fine tuning your performance pre-test.

Riders booking a 1:1 session will receive an exclusive merchandise bundle.


All riders with a full UK motorcycle licence.

Delivered one-to-one over a single day (max 8hrs)


Significant improvement against agreed development objectives.


About SkilledBiker advanced tours and training

SkilledBiker Winter Riding

SkilledBiker Winter Riding 1 day | £99

These short-day SkilledBiker Winter Riding sessions are aimed at those who want to maintain sharpness during the wet and inclement weather months.

Under the experienced eye of a ride-all-year-round SkilledBiker Coach, you are encouraged to relax and embrace the pleasure of winter riding and to see just how mastering these tricky conditions reaps the benefit later in the riding season. 


All riders with a full UK motorcycle licence.

Delivered over a single day (max 6hrs)

Maximum of four riders per group.



Improved confidence and willingness to ride during winter season and inclement weather.

SkilledBiker half-day session 1:1 single session half-day | £99

These short sessions are ideal for riders who have busy diaries and can’t commit to a full day.

An online catch up before we meet in-person allows us to agree the format for your session and what you want to cover so you get the most from it.

Spending a maximum of 4hrs out on the road, with on-the-go briefing & debriefing, we waste no time getting straight into the areas you want to focus on be that confidence building, cornering or simply doing some mock tests prior to taking your advanced assessment with one of the awarding bodies.


All riders with a full UK motorcycle licence.

Delivered over a single day (max 4hrs)

Delivered 1-1 with your SkilledBiker coach.



Improved skill within particular area focused on during session.